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JJ | Co President | Founding Member

From a young age, JJ loved losing herself in art. Whether it was photography, books, tv, music, traditional art, she wanted to be a part of it. So much so she went to college for art history...and business communications...and biology...and veterinary sciences. She's worked as a commission artist, a freelance photographer, a cartoonist, you name it. Her diverse interests never quite seemed to satisfy her passion, however, until causeplay.


JJ joined her first charity cosplay group back in 2016 and has never looked back. The combination of all her loves, plus the ability to give back to her community, filled a huge part of her life. Having also lost several family members to cancer and substance abuse, she hopes to use her experiences as a power to give back to those who have been affected by loss. Now as she moves forward with the growth of AZSL, she is excited to see how else she can give back and do more!

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